Cameron and Kacey

Cameron and Kacey
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Round 2

Well, today began Round 2 of my chemo treatment. Met with the doctor this morning and after a physical exam, she feels that there seems to be no change in size of the tumor in my neck. She said she does feel some "softening" of the lump which is a positive sign. Needless to say I was upset that this treatment is not working. But that is not necessarily the case. This was ONLY based on her doing a physical exam and no scans have been done yet.

So she has eliminated the third drug (the 5FU) from my plan. This is the drug that made me so sick the first round and the drug that gave me all the mouth sores. The doctor does not want to take any chances this round and there is no proof that this drug adds a tremendous amount to the treatment, so she thought it was best to eliminate it.

They are staying on top of all of my symptoms this time and doing many things this cycle to keep my white cell count up and hope the sores do not return. I also have a scan scheduled for June 7th and to meet with my treatment team of doctors on June 8th or 9th to see what the next step will be. If there is a change in the size of the tumor, they will probably go on with the third round of chemo and hope for more. If there is no change, then we will probably be looking at radiation and chemo together to shrink the tumor. I won't know until I have that scan. Please pray for a change!! I need to catch a break at some point!

So Mom and I are having Chinese food for the second night in a row. An expensive craving, but tastes good right now! She stayed with me last night and took me for treatment today. Jen's coming over to help with the kids tonight and take me for hydration tomorrow. Then Dad will come up to help tomorrow night. So thankful for such a wonderful family that constantly change their plans to help me, Cameron and Kacey. Chris and his parents had the kids the past two nights and also took kids to TBall tonight. Thank goodness for their help as well. Couldn't do this without everyone's help.

Hoping to have a good couple of weeks and an easier time than last cycle.
Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Stay positive! You will get thru!

  2. Honey, like you, I was hoping for great news today. We didn't get that...not yet. But the battle continues...and I know the day will come when we will hear that great news! Oh what a fantastic day that will be!
    I love very very much!


  3. Fingers and toes are crossed and prayers being sent. Keep up that wonderful, positive attitude!! Love you sweetie...

  4. Just a "hi" to let you know I'm thinking of you and your terrific family today, and every day! Anne Beal

  5. Fingers and toes are crossed here, too. Love you! Jenn & Dave