Cameron and Kacey

Cameron and Kacey
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Cancer.....See, I TOLD You I was STRONGER Than You!!

Well, our prayers have finally been answered! Looks like I am all clear!! Cancer-free!! Adios and don't EVER come back here!! Hit the road, Jack!! Bye, bye, bye!!

Got the report for my PET scan today and it looks good!! They said there was a lot of surgical scarring and radiation scarring on the right side of my neck, but all in all looks good! There was a question of whether or not my vocal cord on the right side was paralyzed, but they did a scope today and both the surgeon and radiation oncologist said it was clearly moving and not paralyzed. So I will have to go to voice therapy to try and strengthen that. Worse case scenario is surgery down the road to help fix it, but therapy may strengthen it on it's own.

So I have a LOT to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, more than usual! Thank you to, friends, my team at Dana Farber...for helping through this terrible ordeal once again. I pray that three times is a charm and that I am done with this dreaded disease once and for all!! Now I KNOW I made the right choice to go to Dana Farber!

Happy Thanksgiving!!