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Cameron and Kacey
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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Painful Day for Kris :-(

Today was a very difficult day. An extremely painful day for Kris because of the horrible mouth sores that just continue to worsen...and difficult day for her family to see her so extremely miserable. She was literally unable to take in more than a few sips of liquid and a few bites of food. By this evening, talking was even painful. (hmm...maybe that was the only "plus" of the day! Had to add a touch of humor for Kris' sake!)

Her doctor at Dana Farber is wonderful and called her to discuss the problem. She does not feel she should be in this much pain at all. Feels that it has to do with her mouth being radiated twice before...and now the chemo.

Chip is with her tonight and taking her to DF tomorrow to be hydrated and will see her nurse and doctor. Also will be able to speak to a nutritionist. So hopefully they will be able to help make her more comfortable. Her doctor has already said that the dose of one chemo med...5FU...will have to be lowered for the next cycle.

Jen is arranging to be with her tomorrow night and Wednesday. She does need someone with her as her energy level reaches its lowest this week as her blood count decreases. week is said to be her "good" we are all looking forward to that and seeing her much happier!

Keep those prayers and good wishes coming...we appreciate them so very much!


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  1. Kris, so hope you are feeling better. Wish there was something I could do to help you all out. Love you. Courts