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Cameron and Kacey
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Friday, October 1, 2010

I Thought It Was Autumn.....

It is October 1st and almost 80 degrees at 9am!! I thought it was Fall??? But I will take the warmer weather any day, although this humidity HAS to go!! We'll be complaining about the snow in no time!!

Well, my 2 weeks off with no appointments went by REALLY fast!! I had my appointment on Wednesday with my oncologist. They are still pretty concerned because I still have no voice. I guess I hadn't put that in previous posts. I lost my voice the beginning of August when we were in Maine and it hasn't come back since. The doctors did not expect me to lose it because my voice box or larynx was not being radiated, but said it could happen. So my oncologist did a scope of my vocal cords on Wednesday (my FAVORITE thing!). Actually, it wasn't so bad. And she said that there was quite a bit of swelling and "sluggishness" of my vocal cords. Hopefully, they just need some time to heal. She has me seeing the surgical oncologist on October 20th to see what he thinks as another opinion. Hopefully my voice comes back, or at least starts to, before then! Not easy to raise a 4 1/2 and a 6 1/2 year old with absolutely NO voice!!

I have another ultrasound on October 12th to check on that "pocket" of fluid that I had drained. They want to make sure that it has not filled up again. They will drain it again that day if it has.

So another couple of weeks off. I am enjoying being home from work and feeling pretty good. LOVE taking the kids to and from school and doing the "Mom" thing. I think kids like me being home and being able to take them or pick them up from school. It's weird, though, because I have never been home. The only times I have been out of work was after giving birth or when I have been sick. But I cannot lie. I LOVE being home, but am looking forward to returning to work to regain some "normalcy" in my life. Not too quickly, though....:-)

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and looking forward to Fall. Although today is 80 degrees with tropical rain and wind! Very strange....guess it is New England and ANYTHING can happen!!!

Until next time......

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  1. Sorry your voice still hasn't come back. Can't imagine how hard that is, especially with the kids. Hang in there and enjoy the time at home as much as you can before you have to go back to work. Love, Jenn