Cameron and Kacey

Cameron and Kacey
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well, in the grand scheme of things, I think I FINALLY caught a break! I had a CT scan on Monday and went to see the doctor today. She startled us by saying she had "mixed" news. The tumor has grown in size, but is now mostly fluid. The fluid is caused by the different treatments I have had and will eventually be absorbed by my body. The actual tumor looks like it has shrunk in size, but is now pushed to the side. We actually got to see the difference in the scans from March and from Monday. It was amazing to see the change.

The plan is we will continue with round 3 of the chemo treatment next week. They will also add back in the 5FU drug but at about 60% of the dose, hoping I do not have the reaction I had the first time. The doctor said she would also have a low tolerance for putting me in the hospital this time. After I finish the chemo, I will probably have radiation with low dose chemo at the same time to make the radiation more effective. But that would be after a 4-6 week break from the chemo.

So, I am not out of the woods yet, but at least we finally got some positive news! My angels are definitely watching over me today!
I hope everyone is doing well!!
The kids and I send our love to all!


  1. I knew all of our angels would pull through for us one of these times....and you finaly caught a break!! YEAH!! Still a long road ahead of you, but so glad that it was at least positive news today. Now you can move forward and hopefully closer to getting rid of this damn disease once and for all! Keep that positive attitude and smile!! We all love you so very much!!! Jen

  2. That is wonderful news, Kris. I know it isn't over but you needed some good news like
    you received. I really believe that helps your spirit which in turn helps with your continued
    treatment. You can do this, Kris. You have
    such a very special and positive attitude and with those beautiful children by your side and all
    the family support and deep love they have for you along with the great friends you have, you WILL beat this.
    Mrs. S

  3. Kris, you needed some positive news...we all did! You needed to know that the chemo is working! Sad that we were actually happy that you would continue the chemo....but you know you CAN do it!
    We're so proud of you, honey! I hate that you have to go thru this hell...but each step, each day...brings you closer to being CURED!
    Dad and I love you so very much!

  4. I'm so happy that there is "good" news and that the treatments are working and that things will be better after this next round. Thank God you'll have time to rest up before the next stage begins. We are all here for you Sweetie, and you know you can call for whatever. Love, Kathy

  5. Hi DIL No. 1 This is really good news. I guess it means the treatments are working. So we are going to celebrate this success and then wait for more good news in the coming weeks. Just keep going amd so will we. Luv, PF

  6. That is great news!! Keep thinking positive thoughts as they are obviously helping!!


  7. "Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. Ask and it will be given." Thank God for His love and care!!!