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Cameron and Kacey
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Friday, September 3, 2010


Well, I DID IT!!! 33 radiation treatments completed!! Was not the easiest road to travel, but it is all behind me now!! Now we play the waiting game again....have to wait 12 weeks to have a scan. They want to be sure that all of the healthy tissues and cells have had a chance to recover before they do a scan or they could get a false positive reading. And we CERTAINLY don't want that!!

So now I have to rest and eat and take care of myself to get some strength and energy back. I will see the doctor next week and I am sure she will have me in periodically for hydration and blood draws, although my counts have been good and rising on their own!

Although I am not out of the woods completely yet, things are looking very favorable. Last we knew, the "tumor" was approximately 1cm and they really weren't sure how much of that was actual tumor or dead cells. It is a miracle that these drugs and radiation have worked and to think that, hopefully, I have beaten this disease for the third and final time.

I want to thank ALL of my family and have ALL been through this struggle with me and I would not have made it through without all of the love and support. It would take me way too long to name everyone individually, and I would inevitably leave someone out, so I will just do a "blanket" thank you. You ALL mean the world to me and I thank God EVERY day for helping me through this AGAIN and for giving me the love and support I needed to get through it. I think if my parents don't see me and my kids for three months, they'll be happy!! Just kidding!!

It's time to celebrate another achievement.....although I don't really have much energy to celebrate right now. So hold that thought!! HUGE celebration coming soon!!!

Thanks again and Happy Labor Day Weekend to all!!
Lots of love,


  1. Yes, Kris, I am crying now...but not the first time tears have been shed, huh? We've had many hugs, tears, smiles, laughs along the way.

    But to think that you were diagnosed in MARCH....and now just finishing treatment...and will find out the final results in DEC...good grief!! Nine months is waaay too long to spend fighting cancer....damn cancer. And yes, consider the other two times...and it's just hell that you had to go thru this.

    I know in my heart that you HAVE beat it...once again. But this is for the LAST time!!! Cancer...don't you dare go near my daughter again...she does not deserve this.

    Love you with all my heart...and now just want to see many many HAPPY DAYS ahead!!!!!


  2. Congrats on finishing strong, Kris! I'd say, "waiting is the hardest part" (and no, I'm not singing) but this summer has been pretty tough on you, and we're all so happy that it is over for you, and so in awe of your strength and determination.

    And, yes, we'll be officially celebrating as soon as you say the word! :)

    Enjoy the weekend with your family and enjoy all the yummy food you get to stuff yourself with now! :)

    We love you!
    Michelle, Rich, Jess and Nick