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Cameron and Kacey
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Monday, August 23, 2010


So here we are....the 23rd of August. I am down to 9 more radiation treatments! But, like the rest of my "road to being cured," I have hit another "bump". My platelet count was too low last week, so I was unable to have chemo on Tuesday. They said this is not uncommon during the end of this treatment. Radiation is the most important thing now. The chemo just adds a "boost". Unfortunately, my counts have not recovered and are still low this week, so no chemo again. Unreal that it can be such a disappointment to NOT get chemo. But I have to work with my doctors and my nurses this week to get those counts back up to where they should be so I can get chemo next Tuesday, my last week of treatments.

My hematocrit was low again, so I got a partial blood transfusion today and will get the rest of it tomorrow. My WBCs dropped as well, so they are giving me a shot every day for 5 days to boost that back up. And I am on another antibiotic to prevent any infections. Didn't help that I had a fever last night, but it has gone away. Thank goodness! They are doing everything they can to get my counts back up and help me feel stronger so that I do not end up in the hospital again. Amen to that!

We also found out this week that I will not have a post-treatment PET scan until at least 12 weeks after the radiation ends. This is because the cells and tissues in the radiation field need time to heal and recover. If they did it too soon, it could show a false positive of the tissues that have been affected.

So I will take some time off from work this fall to recuperate and get my appetite and strength back. Hopefully my voice comes back quickly as well. It is really not effective at home or at work to have laryngitis so bad, I can barely whisper! My kids ignored me when I could talk...imagine life at my house now! Or better yet, a gym full of middle schoolers and me with no voice!! Yeah, right!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer. It has been a beauty! Just wish I could have enjoyed more of it instead of watching it go by from a Dana Farber window. But it'll all be worth it in the end. When I have beat this DAMN disease again and for the last time! Take THAT, Cancer! I am ALL DONE with you!!!


  1. So proud of the way you are handling this. Wish we could bottle your strength and courage. What a world this would be if everyone could share just a bit of your positive essence. You are truly amazing.