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Cameron and Kacey
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Monday, July 18, 2011

When Do I Get to Catch A Break!?!?

Well, things are pretty "status quo" as far as anything "new" happening. I went to see the orthopedic doc last week and he said he wants to wait 2-3 months before doing anything "major" on my frozen shoulder. He feels that there are still a lot of residual effects going on in my body from my radiation treatments. He is afraid to do surgery too soon on the shoulder because I have had little relief from the cortisone injections and he feels that I would just tighten up too fast again after the surgery. It is an option down the road, but he told me that the first attempt at surgery is his best shot because the shoulder is "clean" and there is no scar tissue. He doesn't want to waste this good shot if I am just going to tighten right up again. So he'd like to wait the 2-3 months to see if things in my shoulder change on their own. He is sending me for a second opinion on Monday to see what the Chief of Shoulder surgery says,so we'll see!

The shoulder has become the "worst" of my issues, as I am right-handed and it is VERY difficult to do things left-handed, but I am learning!!

I also went back for a repeat on the barium swallow test on Monday. We had our fingers crossed that because of all of the speech and swallow therapy I have been doing and the exercises to strengthen my muscles and voice there would be an improvement in the test, but it doesn't look that way. THAT was quite disappointing. I am managing with the feeding tube, and God knows it is ANYTHING but enjoyable, but I know it is keeping me alive and keeping me from aspirating everything I eat and drink. But I was REALLY looking forward to having some lobster on our annual family trip to Maine in a few weeks. Guess that won't be happening this year. There's always next year.

On the upside, my voice is a bit stronger, although NO where near normal, but at least now I can talk on the phone and be heard. The kids and I are trying to enjoy our summer the best we can. They are going to the Cape with Chris and then will be going to Maine with me and my family. They are also going to camp for a week in August. Soon enough, school will begin again and we'll be back to the grind every day. They are both VERY excited to go back to school. I am thankful for that. As for me, it is not looking good for me to head back to work yet. But were working on it!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. They say it may climb to 100 degrees on Thursday and Friday this week!! Thank goodness for AC!!!


  1. Sorry to hear things are not progressing as fast as we would all like. Hoping the shoulder specialist has some tricks up his sleeve (no pun intended). Your voice is a lot better and hopefully every day is another step forward from here on out. Love you!