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Cameron and Kacey
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Friday, March 25, 2011


It has been four weeks since I had my PET scan and got the all clear. I had a little "scare" this week with a little numbness in my tongue and a sore throat, but went in to see my doctor and all was ok. Unfortunately, it is really unknown what side effects I will feel long term as there are not too many of us that have been radiated as much as I have. My doctor is wonderful and said I have a "free pass" to come in and get checked whenever I feel something is not right. That makes me feel better and I hope as time goes on and things continue to go well, I will not panic over everything little twinge I may have.

We have also been fighting with my insurance company over covering my voice procedure and the injection that they want to do into my vocal cord. FINALLY, this week with Mom calling them every day (I can't talk, remember?), they have said that they will pay for the procedure itself but not the drug. I guess that's better than nothing! So after some scheduling issues on the doctor and his associates' parts, I have been scheduled for my injection on Monday, April 4th!! And to be honest....I am scared out of my mind!! But I have been through much worse and if this is FINALLY going to help me get more of a voice than I have had in over seven months, I will grin and bear it. Keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed it works!!!

I also have started Physical Therapy twice a week to loosen the strained muscle in my neck and shoulders. It is actually working and I am seeing some progress, although it is going to be a long, slow process before I get a lot of relief. At least I can sleep more than an hour at a time now!! And they sent me home with a neck (cervical) traction device to stretch out the muscles in my neck and takes pressure off my neck. Cameron thinks it is some type of medieval decapitation device! Kinda funny! He wants to know how much taller I will get using it!! And it he can grow taller, too!

Next weekend, Jen, Mom, Dad and I will be heading up to Vermont to attend a fundraiser for my cousins' Relay For Life Team. It is a Dance Benefit and Silent Auction to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Should be fun and I hope that by me being there, I can be an inspiration for those that are still fighting the fight.

I'll keep you posted on how the voice thing goes. It may not show too much success for a few weeks, so we'll see!!!

Until then, pray for the nice warm weather to HURRY up and get here!! I am sick of being cold!!!

A good friend shared a quote with me the other day and I want to pass it on...."You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have."


  1. Keep up the fight Kris. I have total confidence in you!!!

  2. So glad to hear the PT is helping and that you have a date for the injection! Have fun in VT and only 32 days until warm weather :-)

  3. Progress! Excellent! I still wonder if your voice is going to sound like "your voice", or somebody else. Maybe Katy Perry - you could make some money being her impersonator. Haha.

    4/4/11 is a good day. Can't wait for that first phone call...