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Cameron and Kacey
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still Waiting.....

Well, the kids and I had a pretty good week off from school. It was nice to have some time to spend with them. We went to the Children's Museum in Boston, watched Dan run the Boston Marathon, went for a picnic, had TBall practice, visited our new 6 week old friend Teresa, and many other fun things.

But unfortunately, I still do not have a surgery date or dates for my pre-op tests yet. I called three doctors this week and have heard nothing. So I am going to enjoy my weekend and get on those docs Monday for answers. This waiting is killing me and my anxiety is starting to get the best of me. I need to get this surgery over with and behind me so I can move on to the treatments and the part of the process that I feel like I have at least some control over.

I also have an appointment at Dana Farber on Tuesday afternoon for a second opinion. I can't see them telling me anything too different, but more for my peace of mind that I am making the right decision, if and when they finally decide to do this surgery!

So today, the whole family is coming to weed, edge and mulch my gardens! They are wonderful and I can't thank them enough! One less thing for me to worry about this Spring.

Thank you for all the well wishes, positive vibes and prayers.....I appreciate them all and love you all very much!!

Have a super weekend!!

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  1. This waiting is driving us all crazy! If they knew they wouldn't let you know this past week, why didn't they tell you?! Doctors! Well...let's hope this week will bring news for you! I know you do much better once the docs are doing something and you're on the road to getting better!
    Hang in there, honey....know this is hell for you.